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Hair Care

We at M&M are committed to constantly learning and creating new techniques to ensure you with the very best in hair care. We understand that to have a wonderful, healthy and shinning hair first you need to take care about hair in proper way.

Everything begins with hair type of hair you have. Each person has their own peculiar hair and so the hair care given to each is done after consultation with you.

There are many ways in which we take care of your hair at M&M:

Hair wash: We start the hair care procedure with giving your hair a wash which will make you feel fresher than when you walked in. This procedure starts with washing your hair with either cold or warm water. Then shampoo is applied and cleaned off. Finally a conditioner is applied and your scalp is given a thorough messaging. We use products that will condition and moisturize your hair.

Haircuts: Haircuts are used for maintenance and other times, they are used to revise a person's style or boost their self-esteem. If want to have a new look the best way to go about is get a new haircut. Hairstyles are almost too numerous to count and often, a haircut or hairstyle will help someone define their overall look. At M&M we provide you with haircuts that will suit you the best. Whether your style is conservative, modern, or outrageous, we will keep in mind your needs and desires to help you find your best look.

We take into consideration a few things before deciding a new hair style:
  • The texture and the natural movement of your hair.
  • The weather factors affect the way your hair behaves in everyday life.
  • The lifestyle is very important factor for choosing the right haircut. If you have no time in the morning for arranging your hair then a simple and accurate haircut that doesn't need much attention is advised.
  • A haircut mostly depends on shape of your face. An oval shape faces looks pretty in any haircut style and people with an oval face can prefer any hair cut style and length. The perfect haircut style for heart shaped faces is a haircut that creates an oval appearance by increasing width at the jawline. The perfect haircut style for rectangular faces is the style that builds width at either side covering the narrowness.

Hair coloring: At some point in our life we all have wanted to have a different hair color. Hair coloring gives you the chance to experiment with different shades and tones. Hair Coloring can be permanent or temporary and the lasting effects are determined, in part, by the texture of your hair. The use of chemical lighteners like bleach is used to lighten your hair color. You can look stylish and trendy by just adding streaks or highlights to your hair. At M&M we not only color your hair but in keeping with styling trends give your hair highlights and steaks.

Hair Oil Massage: Human touch can have a healing and energizing power. That means stimulating the tissues of the head with the hands, in order to endorse the health and rejuvenate the head. Massage oils are intended to let the hands skim more effortlessly throughout the massage and at the same time aromatherapy fragrances offer utmost relaxation for both head and soul. Besides these, they convey a pleasing feel not only for the head but also to the whole body.

Hair straightening: People who have curly hair often wish for straight hair. We straighten your hair either chemically or use devices like flat irons that temporarily tame the curls.

Blow dry: This allows your hair to dry faster after a wash and a haircut. It doesn't matter if you want to wear your hair curly or straight, we will blow dry your hair to suit the occasion.