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Manicure is a beauty treatment used for your fingernails and hands. A good looking hand is not only attractive but it also reflects your personal hygiene. Manicure makes your hand look well taken care of and beautiful. At our clinic we employ a variety of tools, oils, creams, waxes and in some special cases, massage strategies to deeply and thoroughly cleanse the finger nails and give you an attractive hand.

The benefits of manicure are:
  • It improves the health and texture of your hands and fingernails.
  • It helps in treating sore or broken skin present around the nails.
  • It prevents nail damages.
  • Massage that often accompanies manicure helps in improving the health of the skin by increasing blood circulation.
  • By improving the health of the skin, it discourages the wrinkling of the skin on hands.
At M&M we offer you with a wide range of manicures to select from:

Regular Manicure:

It is one of the commonly used methods of manicure. This procedure involves soaking of the fingernails in a tub of lukewarm water containing mild soap. After the hands are soaked in the water for a period of time, the cuticles of the nails are carefully pushed back and the nails are washed to remove hidden dirt and accumulated dust particles. A hand cream is massaged into the finger nails and arms thoroughly. At the end, the nails are shaped, cut and coated with nail paint.