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Pamper and groom your tired feet by indulging in a pedicure at M&M. A pedicure is procedure that is performed on the feet to treat or prevent health conditions and also to enhance overall appearance of the feet. Pedicure involves grooming of the toenails, exfoliating dead skin that may have become dry and hard, tending to the cuticles, moisturizing and finally nail beautification usually through the application of nail enamels.

At M&M we offer different pedicure options from which you can choose from:

Regular Pedicure:

In a regular pedicure your feet are soaked in a warm tub of smelly salts and scrubbed with a pumice stone or foot file to remove the dead skin around the front and back of your foot. The toe nails are then clipped, filed and cleaned, then set out to dry so polish will adhere to the nail. While toes nails dry, a moisturizer is applied to your foot and calf and we massage your leg. Lastly, the toes are painted to a color of your choosing.