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A perfect skin is not just a blemish free skin but also a one without any unwanted hair on it. Waxing helps you get rid of unwanted hair by pulling it out by the root. Hair regrowth usually takes at least a few weeks, and waxing generally tends to weaken regrowth.

At M&M we offer different waxing techniques to choose from.

Hot wax: Hot wax is purchased as a hard solid in a small tub. The wax must first be melted, and then is applied with a wooden spatula to the parts of the body which needs waxing. This method is somewhat messy, and the wax residue that is left behind is removed with finishing oil. There are two types of hot wax: soft and hard.

  • Soft Wax: Soft wax is applied with a wooden spatula to the area to be treated after it has been warmed. It is removed with thin strips of cloth manufactured solely for this purpose. Generally, soft wax is better suited for removing fine hair. Soft wax has the added benefit of being easy to wash off.
  • Hard wax: Hard wax hardens quite firmly on the skin and can be removed without a strip and so is often known as no-strip wax. It is gentler on the skin than soft wax and tends to cause less sensitivity and redness. Like soft wax, hard wax is first warmed and then applied with a spatula. When done properly, hard wax tends to cause less pain than soft wax, and is only effective on coarse hair.

Wax Strips or Cold Wax: Wax strips are made with cold war. These come in a variety of sizes designed for use on specific areas of the body, such as strips for the upper lip or the bikini area. This makes it a convenient to use and apply the strip to the desired area. It is then rubbed to adhere, and then it is pulled off in opposite the direction of hair growth.

Waxing can be done on any area of the body that has unwanted hair growth like upper lip, chin, hands, and legs. Skin irritation and discomfort is common to all waxing techniques.